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The automobile complex is located in a rapidly developing trade and industrial “Borovlevo” area in Tver, alongside the 162nd km of M10 highway from Moscow to St. Petersburg.

(The automotive centre is easily recognized by a roadside motel “Zapadniy Most” situated nearby.)

The automotive complex presents a vast territory with a spacious guarded parking area, a workshop for repairing trucks, spare parts shops, sites for having rest and hot food for drivers. In the territory of the complex there is an office building for the three of our companies, among which the two companies, i.e. LLC “AKA Avto-Trans “ and LLC “Tver Trans-service”, are members of ASMAP (Association of International Automobile Carriers) successfully work in the market of international container transportation, and the third one, i.e. LLC “Logistics and Transport”, is aimed at developing internal container transportation as well as conventional transportation of both large cargoes (vol. 82 cbm) and smaller parties (ranging from 1.5 tons up to 10 tons) in Russia.

At present the vehicle fleet of these companies comprises 49 trucks with even more machinery to be added annually.

The repair centre is intended for simultaneous maintenance of nine trucks.


There is a possibility to undertake repair works of any degree of complexity:

  • repairing engines, speed gearboxes, reduction gears, supports of disc brakes, hubs;
  • repairing running gears;
  • repairing semitrailers (replacement of brake shoes, half-springs, air bags, restoring brake shafts, milling brake drums etc.)
  • computer-assisted diagnostics of automobile systems;
  • electronics works;
  • installment, maintenance and repairing of taxographs;
  • installment and repairing of gas and diesel fuel autonomic heaters;
  • diagnostics and repair of pneumatic systems (restoring pneumatic valves, pipe lines etc.);
  • turning works;
  • welding works.

In addition, more than 300 names of spare parts and different technical liquids, lubricoolants and oils are constantly at your disposal.


Mechanicien – +7-915-715-00-07
+7(4822)38-34-30 ext.118

Please feel free to use these contact phone numbers for getting professional consultations of a specialist accepting orders, with whom you can discuss the malfunction problems of your truck as well as the ways of solving them. You can also fix a date for diagnostics and repair works.