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“Logistics and Transport” (LiT) LLC is a company which has recently

“Logistics and Transport” (LiT)  LLC is a company which has…


Multimodal (Modal) Transportation

The most common and marketable form of transportation

Its great advantage lies in the fact that when charging a Forwarder with a shipment, Customer is set free from their concerns about its arrangement such as combining different means of transport, making transshipments, going through customs formalities and the like, and at the same time is able to control the date of delivery spending a minimum of their efforts and funds.
As we have a developed partnership network and agent relationships, strong business links with shipping lines, port structures, our own motor trucks, we offer confidently our clients this form of transportation striving for a reasonable balance of three constituent parts: speed, cost and reliability.
In sea ports we work exclusively with our organization departments and agents bending every effort to satisfy our client’s maximum possible needs and requirements, to promptly fulfill an order for storage and dispatch of cargo, to provide timely shipping documents and information on cargo movements.

Transportations are carried out on FOB terms as well as by way of providing such services as cargo consolidation at points of origin, checking its weight, volume, markings, filling in required shipping documents.

Transportation routings are at Customer’s option but the most frequently used ones are:

  • Through the ports of Finland (Kotka, Hamina, Helsinki);
  • Through the port of St.Petersburg;
  • Through the Baltic ports (Riga, Tallinn, Klaipeda);
  • Through the Black sea ports (Novorossiysk, Odessa, Ilychevsk);
  • Through the ports of Far East (Vladivostok, Vostochniy).


Each of the above mentioned routings has their own pros and cons.

We will assist in taking maximum advantage from these pros and avoiding any problems.



At the beginning of its activities our company used to face certain problems with the quality of providing services of cargo haulage (mainly truck haulage) from the port of discharge to Customer’s warehouse.

Not only did the lack of trucks and the cost of haulage matter but also insufficient accuracy in the work of motor transport enterprises, driver’s discipline and responsibility.

This very desire to upgrade the quality of forwarding services boosted purchasing our own motor transport in 2000.

This way has proved efficient and now we own not only a motor vehicle fleet but the automobile complex with a modern office building, repair workshop, spare parts shop, guarded parking lot, recreation facilities and hot food points for drivers.

The complex is situated in a rapidly developing trade and industrial “Borovlevo” area in Tver, alongside the 162nd km of M10 highway connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg. The location is convenient for sending trucks for loading in short time both to the port of St. Petersburg and also the ports of Finland and the Baltic.

The container pick-up volume is up to 350 containers per month but except container transportation we also major in the transportation of general cargoes by tent trucks. The transportation geography is preconditioned by the requirements of the market and the possibilities of the company, namely Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden, Finland), Central Europe (Germany, Austria), some Eastern European countries (Slovenia, Poland, the Check Republic), less frequent – Italy, Span and France.

The brand-new direction of our work is the transportation over the territory of Russia of both large and consolidation parties with the cargo volume up to 82 cbm as well as small parties by trucks with the tonnage from 1,5 up to 10 tons.


Railway transportation is primarily regarded by the company as one of the options to truck haulage from sea ports to Customer’s doors.

The company bears forwarding functions and organizes reloading containers in ports, completes required documents, pays railway tariffs, delivers cargoes to the destination railway station as well as to Customer’s warehouse.

Except transportation from ports the company carries out railway container transportation from China via Zabaykalsk and Dostyk. This railway transportation is justified when delivering heavy-load containers with cargo weight up to 25-26 tons as well as so called flow cargoes by special container trains.

We also actively use transportation through the railway station Tver (station code 061502) where the company owns a separate office and provides the following services by efforts of our own staff:

  • Negotiating and issuing required documents;
  • Calculating and paying railway tariffs and railway station charges;
  • Cargo handling operations and delivery to the railway station or from the station to Customer’s warehouse.